X-border Art biennal 

The world’s northernmost international art biennial, Luleå Art Biennial expanded in 2013 to the X-Border Art Biennial. It allowed the world’s artists to explore and illuminate questions about boundaries, identity, cultural diversity and knowledge in a time of globalisation. The biennial Took place in Luleå (Sweden), Rovaniemi (Finland) and Severomorsk (Russia) between June 19 and October 6, 2013. The invited artists showed works in one of the three cities at the same time as works were produced that transcend national borders.

The Book is typed in four languages. (Swedish, finnish, russian and english) and is a documentation of the Art biennal as a whole. It contains artworks, artists words about their work aswell as process documentation and Essays about the subject.

Type of work: Bookdesign, graphic design, typography

Visual identity by Konst & Teknik.