Play a role/Spelar roll

Exhibition / Identity  / 2018
Graphic design for The living history forum – Play a role exhibition 

In collaboration with Urban Design Architects and Ateljé Altmann we designed the graphic profile and the content of the exhibition Play a role. The exhibition opened for the public at Living History Forum on September 9, 2018, and remained until June 2019 and is accessible both in English and in Swedish. The exhibition consists of different interactive media such as film, sound, and texts incorporated into the architectural pieces/ furniture.
           “In history and today, people are faced with choices that determine whether they will be an observer. A number of factors influence the choices we make. While most of us would like to act, only a few of us actually choose to intervene. Why is that? What psychological factors form the basis of our actions? The exhibition also tells another story. The story of those who refuse to be observers and show that it is possible to make a different choice. A choice for humanity and civil courage.”


Photography: Vincent Sjögren